Screw piles

Piles for soils with seasonal freezing

NameØ shaft d, mmØ blade D, mm
Screw pile159300
Screw pile168500
Screw pile168850
Screw pile219500
Screw pile219850
Screw pile325850
Винтовые сваи для грунтов с сезонным промерзанием

Piles for permafrost soils

Name Ø shaft d, mm Ø blade D, mm
Screw pile 219 300
Screw pile 325 405
Screw pile 325 480
Винтовые сваи для вечномерзлых грунтов

The remaining parameters are correct for both types of piles.

Tip material25Л, 35Л
Pipe material20, 09Г2С
Pile length L, mm3000-11000
Wall thickness S, mm10

A screw pile is a steel pipe with a cast or welded screw tip of a certain configuration.

Screw piles have been developed to solve a number of tasks of the military - mobile prefabricated crossings and bridges, anchor supports for radio masts, hangars and warehouses. Today, piles are widely used in civil industry.

Piles are installed into the ground by rotation, without the action of vertical forces, which has a positive effect on the structure of the soil;

The pile is protected from corrosion by applying a coating to the surface, the type of which is laid down in the project based on the data of engineering and geological surveys.

Application of screw piles

Foundations for pipelines

Foundations for pipeline supports on screw piles are the most effective and quickest solution.

The foundation can be of several types:

  1. For multi-tiered overpasses with heavy loads - the foundation is multi-piled (4 or more piles per picket), the grillage is most often reinforced concrete, welded is possible.
  2. For single-tier and for pipelines with small loads up to 35 tons per column (up to 70 tons per picket), the foundation is made 2 x pile, less often 4 pile.
  3. Screw piles are also used as a foundation, acting as an anchor, for pipelines when laying under water, in swamps.

Foundations for power transmission towers

Depending on the type of power transmission line supports, the following foundations on screw piles are used:

  1. For typical corner supports, the foundation consists of 4 or more piles for one support, a factory-made metal grillage is used (the grillage is joined to the piles in the field by welding or bolting). Under one leg of the support, depending on the load and soil conditions, from 1 to 6 piles are used.
  2. For polyhedral supports and supports from a bent profile, a foundation is used mainly with a reinforced concrete grillage, it is possible to use a metal grillage.

The efficiency of using screw piles, depending on soil conditions, loads, terrain, length and remoteness of the object, can reach 50%, the construction speed in any conditions is at least 2 times higher compared to mushroom foundations. Performing work on the installation of foundations on screw piles in winter gives a significant advantage over the use of mushroom foundations, which require a large amount of excavation.

Foundations for prefabricated structures, warehouses, workshops.

Prefabricated, lightweight structures, as a rule, have a power frame made of rolled metal - a channel, a pipe, a corner. Docking of steel structures with a foundation of screw piles is the simplest and there is no need to make a monolithic grillage.

Foundations for lighting poles and contact network poles.

Lighting poles are installed on bored foundations. The use of a foundation on screw piles significantly reduces the consumption of metal and concrete, and hence the cost of foundations.