Pump housing casting

ГрТ 400/40 (8Гр-8)

NameSchemeMaterialWeight (tons)
Protective disk65-00-13ИЧХ28Н20.035 т.
Working wheel75А-862ИЧХ28Н20.099 т.
Enclosure internal65-00-1АИЧХ28Н20.206 т.

ГрТ 4000/71 (20Гр-8)

NameSchemeMaterialWeight (tons)
Protective disk27-07БИЧХ28Н20.536 т.
Working wheel27-IX-2ИЧХ28Н21.550 т.
Enclosure internal27-10БИЧХ28Н21.656 т.
Suction pipe27-01АИЧХ28Н20.140 т.

ГрТ 8000/71 (28Гр-8)

NameSchemeMaterialWeight (tons)
Suction armor plateБ-28657ИЧХ28Н21.010 т.
Pressure pipe insertВ-42496ИЧХ28Н20.197 т.
Working wheelВ-23266ИЧХ28Н23.460 т.
Enclosure internalН 142893.01.001И-1АИЧХ28Н24.425 т.
Suction nozzle clothingВ-22804ИЧХ28Н20.316 т.

Spare parts for soil pumps are made of wear-resistant cast iron ИЧХ28Н2 and fully comply with all requirements for wear resistance and operating conditions.