Tubbing rings for subways

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Modern equipment and technologies make it possible to offer the most rational solutions to meet any needs, to solve the most complex tasks facing mine builders and metro builders. In our company you can buy cast iron tubing and mine rings in bulk at the best prices in Yekaterinburg.

Tubings made of ductile iron are elements made in the form of a segment of a ring and are parts of a permanent prefabricated structure (shaft rings) used to form and fix the inner surface of underground structures (workings). The word is derived from the English "tubing", which means "to put in a pipe" (literally "to tube").

Shaft rings are widely used in specialized industries. Without them, it would be practically impossible to build reliable and maximally safe mine shafts, vertical, horizontal and inclined tunnels, ore passes, subways, the construction of tunnel structures and distillation tunnels. The most common tubing is a tunnel finish, which in most cases has a circular shape.

Shaft rings are assembled into a tubing support. Each of these rings is made up of a key segment, a pair of adjacent segments, and several ordinary ones. Each of these individual segments of the tunnel ring (tubing) has its own geometry.

Modern manufacturers offer to buy tubing made of different materials - cast iron, reinforced concrete, steel, etc. The material of the shaft ring elements is selected depending on their operating conditions and tasks. Our company offers wholesale tubing support and metro tubing made of cast iron and steel

Chasing the seams of the cast-iron tubing finish is carried out using lead wire, which has an elliptical cross-section. Cast iron tubing is assembled into a support using special mounting materials - fasteners (washers, nuts, bolts), seals, plugs for grouting and filling holes, sealing washers for wire and fasteners.

Modern technological equipment makes it possible to produce and wholesale tubing for shaft rings of any diameter, including non-standard sizes.

The prices set for cast iron tubing depend on the material and method of manufacture, geometric dimensions, standardization, strength indicators, structure and some other factors.