The modern equipment of the shop allows to produce
high-quality castings from steel and cast iron of any standard sizes

from 50 kg up to 14000 kg

Casting weight

5,0 м х 4,0 м х 2,4 м

Maximum casting dimensions

Steel casting

Cast iron with spheroidal graphite 15L, 25L, 35L, 45L GOST 977-88 Casting from carbon steel grades
TU-5-2002. Carbon steel castings (size 2.1Mb, pdf)
Casting alloy steel for general purposes 15HML, 20HML, 35GL, 35HML, 40HL GOST 977-88 Casting from low-alloy steel grades
35KH23N7SL, 40KH24N12SL, 20KH25N19S2L, 12KH18KH9L Casting from high-alloy steel grades
High-manganese steel 110G13L, 110G13KH2Л, 125G18KH2L, 140G17L and modifications High manganese steel casting
TU 1-2015. Castings from high manganese steel (size 1.67Mb, pdf)
60KHGML, 75KH2GML, 100KH2GML and modifications Chromium molybdenum steel casting
Castings from non-ferrous alloys
TU-4-2002. Castings from non-ferrous alloys (size 120Kb, pdf)

Cast iron

Gray cast iron SCH-15 - SCH30 GOST1412-85 Gray iron casting
Cast iron with spheroidal graphite VCH40 - VCH60 GOST 7293-85 Ductile iron casting

Углеродистая сталь – это сплав железа с углеродом (содержание углерода до 2%) с примесями кремния, серы и фосфора, причем главной составляющей, определяющей свойства, является углерод. Процентное содержание элементов в стали примерно следующее: Fe – до 99,0; С – 0,05-2,0; Si – 0,15-0,35; Mn – 0,3-0,8; S – до 0,06; P – до 0,07.

Легированная сталь – это железоуглеродистый сплав, в состав которого кроме рядовых компонентов введены специальные примеси для изменения основных физических или механических свойств готового продукта металлургии. Вводимые в сплав элементы называют легирующими. Чаще всего используют такие элементы как никель, ванадий, медь, хром и многие другие.

Low-alloy steel contains small amounts of alloying elements, hence the name. Among the alloying components: chromium, nickel, molybdenum, etc., giving it special properties. Due to the above elements, low-alloy steel acquires better strength, becomes more malleable for processing and resistance to corrosion, although they remain quite vulnerable to atmospheric agents. Alloying elements in the composition of the alloy should be less than 2.5%, of the total volume, not counting carbon.

Высоколегированная сталь – это сплав на основе железа, легированный до 55%. В состав также входят два основных компонента: никель (не более 8%) и хром (содержание 18%).

High-manganese steelis characterized by a high phosphorus content (up to 0.12%), which is added when alloyed with ferromanganese containing 0.30-0.45%.

Grey cast iron is an alloy of iron and carbon in which graphite is present in the form of flaky, lamellar or fibrous inclusions.

Ductile iron is cast iron having spheroidal graphite inclusions. Spheroidal graphite has a smaller ratio of its surface to volume, which determines the greatest continuity of the metal base, and hence the strength of cast iron.

Chromomolybdenum steel. The addition of molybdenum to steel gives it a fine-grained structure, increases strength and increases hardenability. Molybdenum prevents grain growth during overheating and increases the creep resistance of steel (creep is the change in the size of parts under constant load at high temperatures).

mechanical restoration

Due to a well-equipped mechanical assembly shop,
we will perform mechanical processing of metals according to your orders.

Types of jobsDiameter (width), mmLength, mmWeight, kg
Turning works2 4008 00040 000
Carousel works4 7704 000100 000
Boring work3 0002 500100 000
Milling work2 5008 00070 000
Planing work1 8006 00020 000
Drilling work175 
Cylindrical grinding work200630500
Surface grinding work3201 0001 000
CNC machining center 3 5008 000100 000
CNC EDM7506003 000